StarLab Music is a project initialized by Bharat Bindal from New Delhi, India.

Touted to be the promising one and will be seen as a cornerstone in the world of music. Bindal started his musical journey by learning about Indian Classical Music to the western genre such as psytrance for a strong foothold in the music. Starlab has worked with several biggest musicians and top music labels and is all set to entertain with future landmark projects in Psytrance music & Psychedelic Trance DJs

Training in Indian Classical Music laid the musical foundations for Bharat at a very early age, earning a Music Diploma at the age of 10. Over the years, as a self-taught Bass & Guitar player, he gathered a wealth of experience recording & touring around the country with his band for well over a decade until he had a chance encounter with the hypnotic sound of Psytrance & Psychedelic Trance DJs Music at a beach party in Goa, India. This strongly affected his musical persona following which he began to teach himself synthesis & music production and the project StarLab Music was born.

In 2011 he went to San Francisco USA to study music and quickly became a popular DJ in the West Coast scene, gaining a lot of experience playing many local parties & festivals while learning music production. On returning to India in 2013 he joined ranks with India’s premier record label Digital Om Productions as Live Act in Psytrance Music.

StarLab Music has collaborated with many of the world’s top artists as Psytrance artist in India, Psytrance Dj India and released music on renowned labels such as Digital Om, Iboga, IONO, Techsafari, TesseracTstudio, Sacred Technology, Dacru, Shamanic Tales, Future Music, DM7 Records, and many more. He notably appears on VA Book of Changes by ASTRIX, Alpha Portal VA Dimensions 005, VA Psy Nation by Ace Ventura & Liquid soul amongst many other compilations.

His notable festival appearances in Psytrance music include Universo Paralello Brazil, Antares Germany, Shankra Switzerland, EDC India. Starlab Music as P is scheduled to appear at Boom Festival Portugal & OZORA Hungary in 2022. For more details & updates check out our News Section

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